AMBASSADOR: Florian Jung

Flo Jung is a pro windsurfer from Germany. As a team rider for Starboard, he tests the new eco-boards made of materials such as balsa wood.

Flo lives for the wind and the ocean. The play with natural forces is his personal source of endless motivation.

Whether he’s contesting or sailing in front of massive ice- bergs in Alaska – Florian Jung impresses with sustainable visions and projects that make people re-think.

Aside his career as a pro-windsurfer, Flo does his best to protect his playground — from daily beach clean-ups to leading expeditions such as the Aquapower expedition in 2015. This expedition melding action sports athletes joined by environmental activists and ocean biologists created awareness for the beauty of the sea and the harm done by pollution. This  journey from Guadeloupe to Marseille took the team ten weeks on a sail boat.



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